About me:
I was born in 1973, I'm living in a small town Nasavrky, an hour drive east from Prague, I do work as freelance graphic designer and photographer in my own studio ie. ad. agency.

My work:
I am trying to find solution and balance for tensions inside me. Sometimes I go out and try to do the same for the outside world. Normally I m looking for with my camera not far a way from my home but sometimes I dare few steps along.
What I want to achieve?:
Except the standard wishes related to women, money and fame, I would like the forms and shapes I am thinking of to become reality ... ofcourse I want to fly ...

If you want to hire me for a work, have questions about my rates or just want to say hello, you can catch me on this email filip.kurek@kdesign.cz or phone +420 603 528 234

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